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Unlimited help for all your math & science classes

Your personal team of experts to teach you concepts step-by-step, build you personalized weekly study plans, get you unstuck on homework, and keep you on track to hit your academic goals.
higHer test scores
Most students see significantly higher performance after just 3 months
Average wait time during weeknights to connect with a tutor
A fraction of the cost of independent tutors and tutor marketplaces
less stress
Our teaching methodology is backed by scientific research

"I'm just not a math person 😭"

We hear this all the time. Students everywhere are scared of math and science, and stressed out about grades.
We want to fix that.
Most of this angst is caused by math and science classes, right?
Don’t worry - it’s not just you. Everyone has a hard time with tough STEM courses.
You thought you totally got it in class but on test day, it’s like “Ugh. What is this Greek? I’ve never seen this stuff before! I don’t even know where to start!”
Hey, if you could figure things out just by reading the textbook and paying attention in class, it would be a breeze. But it’s not.
And it doesn't help that the teacher always skips over the most important fundamentals. 😡
“Am I the only one who doesn’t get math?!? It feels impossible for me.”
What if...
What if this school year, every time you show up for a test and scan through the questions, you start grinning from ear to ear because you know EXACTLY what to do to crush it without even breaking a sweat?
What if every night this year you could knock homework off your to-do list in a fraction of the time you spend slogging through it now, and have all the time in the world to enjoy weekends, get enough sleep, and chill with friends?
What if you figured out a system for learning math and science where you just “got it” instead of spending the whole year constantly worried you’re the only one who is confused?
What if this year you bring home report cards that make your parents sit up and take notice?
What if you actually became a math and science person?
Good news - it’s totally doable.
We have a plan. And it doesn’t include crossing your fingers, praying, or telling yourself that you need to "just work harder”.
Check it out 👇
our programs

We’re building a smarter way to learn

A personalized micro-learning platform that is better, faster & cheaper than traditional tutoring. Instantly connect with a team of human experts standing by to help make math and science a total breeze.

Live tutoring

3 students max per cohort
Small group sessions to get solid on concepts you're learning in school
Apply to join a pod

Personal Coach

Like a personal trainer for academics
A dedicated mentor to build custom study plans and keep you on track
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On-demand Help

1-click access to tutors on text
Live tutor to get you unstuck on homework or test prep whenever you need help
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live tutoring

Learning pods that follow your school curriculum

Remote school got you confused? Our 3-student live tutoring sessions are the perfect way to close those learning gaps and get ahead this year. We take you “under the hood” of complex topics to turn on lightbulbs, help you build the right muscle memory with practice, and give you superpowers to instantly figure out how to solve tough problems.
We hand-pick your pod members
We invite a max of 2 other friends from your classroom or other students who are aligned with your learning goals to join your pod.
We match you with the best tutor
We match your pod with the best instructor with the right pedigree and years of experience teaching the subject you want to master.
We follow your school curriculum
Tutoring is most effective when it is tied to the school day, so you can practice and reinforce what you are learning in the classroom.
personal coach

A personal academic coach to help you excel

Get paired with one of the best coaches on the planet who builds personalized weekly study plans based on your goals, schedule & school workload.
They're always available on chat, they monitor your progress on homework and test prep, and check in with you daily to keep you on track.
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Text us a pic of the problem
Connect with a tutor on chat
Get step-by-step hints & nudges
Learn how to solve problems quickly
Ace tests and quizzes
Personalized micro-learning
Unlimited on-demand help
No tutor scheduling hassles
At a fraction of the cost
24/7 instant access
to a team of experts
standing by to help
Sign up for Kapeesh On-Demand
Text us a pic of the problem
Connect with a tutor on chat
Get step-by-step hints & nudges
Learn how to solve problems quickly
Ace tests without stress
24/7 instant access
to a team of experts
standing by to help
Personalized micro-learning
Unlimited on-demand help
No tutor scheduling hassles
At a fraction of the cost
on-demand help on chat

24/7 direct access to live tutors to help you get unstuck

Just text us a pic of the problem, and a live tutor will hop on chat to explain the concept and check for errors. No apps, no downloads, no scheduling hassles.
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A community of hundreds of experts waiting to help

Get unlimited access to all our live and pre-recorded courses, a library of problem-solving “recipes” and flowcharts, experts to help you with homework problems, and live office hours to get your questions answered. No fluff. No random guessing.

Unlimited courses

Build a killer GPA with unlimited access to expert-led courses
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Homework help

Get help on homework problems you're stuck on


Flowcharts & videos to take the guesswork out of tests & quizzes

Live office hours

Live office hours for stuff you didn't quite get in class

Level up with our expert-led courses

We take you “under the hood” of complex topics to turn on lightbulbs, help you build the right muscle memory with practice, and give you superpowers to instantly figure out how to solve tough problems.
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Algebra I

Linear equations & inequalities, graphing, polynomials, roots & radicals, factoring, rational expressions

Algebra II / Trig

Linear, polynomial & radical equations, exponential & log functions, solving identities & trig equations


Parallel & perpendicular lines, congruent & similar triangles, logic, transformation of shapes

Probability & Stats

Analysis & statistical inferences, conditional probability, confidence intervals, distributions


Linear, polynomial, radical equations & inequalities, exponential & log functions


limits, derivatives of polynomials & exponential functions, product & quotient rule, chain rule, implicit differentiation


Kinematics, dynamics, impulse, momentum, work, power, energy, gravitation


Atomic structure, nomenclature, balancing equations, thermo-chemistry, stoichiometry

What do you want to learn today?

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students love us

What students and parents have to say and why they ❤️ us

Gabriel F.
High school junior
Went from B- to A in my Calculus class!
Hanna C.
High school senior
It's like Crossfit for my brain!
Anish P.
High school freshman
You definitely need this in your life!
Chelsea W.
The new confidence is priceless!
High school junior
Learned more here than in school!
Matthew Kleyman
High school senior
"Sounds like I’m exaggerating, but believe me when I say you gotta get yourself a coach for your tough classes. My coach’s approach got me super productive and confident in Calculus. I don’t care if you’re completely lost in math or you’re an A student, you need this in your life! "
Samantha Karlsson
8th grader
"Much easier than I thought. Conversions are hard for me, but I’m so much better now. Photomath is pretty useless for these problems. I had it, but deleted it cause it didn’t work. I’m going to recommend it to my physics teacher to share with his other classes because Kapeesh has really helped me! "
Riya Grey
High school junior
"I was so lost when my school shut down. I had nobody to turn to when I got stuck. Kapeesh saved my sophomore year! "
Amandine Humphreys
Mom of two high schoolers
"One of the best decisions I ever made! There's no way I could ever afford a regular tutor for my kids. Kapeesh is so much cheaper! I don't think they're charging enough for all they do."
MaryAnn C.
"Ever since we signed up for Kapeesh, my daughter's grades have skyrocketed. Like major improvement. She was really struggling in Math."
Connor H.
High school senior
"OMG! Our teacher never explained it like this. The way you explained it totally makes sense. Kapeesh is like Crossfit for my brain! I love my tutoring sessions. Wish I had found you sooner."
Holly Hutchinson
High school freshman
"I’ve never had a coach or tutor before, so was a little skeptical at first about how it would work and if it would even help me. It’s been the coolest experience so far. My coach is awesome. Feels like I have a personal trainer for all my school stuff. I reach for my kapeesh peeps right away every time I get stuck on a concept."
Quinn Rezaizadeh
High school junior
There’s no substitute for live help. Photomath and Brainly and Khan Academy don’t even come close to how much direct help Kapeesh has given me."
Shannon Akasuna
High school sophomore
"This is crazy! I just hit a button and get a tutor on the other end. It’s like my personal Bat Signal. I've done over 100 sessions so far, and it comes in clutch every single time. Oh, and the courses are great too. You get a separate whiteboard thing to work out problems with 1-on-1 help even in a group course. I’m obsessed with kapeesh!"
Gerard Lee
College sophomore
"After just 30 days with Kapeesh, everything has changed. Finally I feel like I have the tools, the process, and the confidence to take on tough problems. Getting a coach is one of the best decisions I ever made."
Rohan A
High school junior
"I used to be so, so scared of math and physics. Coach came in clutch. Still can't believe I went from 68% to 83% in math!! "
Christina W.
First year undergrad
"Things really clicked for me when I figured out pattern recognition. It was like unlocking a superpower that lets me magically know exactly how to solve tough problems the second I look at them."
our story

Welcome to Education 2.0

We believe that the future of education is each student equipped with a direct line to their own personal expert any time they want.
"Remote school turned out to be a disaster. Students were lost and accrued huge learning gaps. Somewhere along the way, we all accepted that's now a part of life. We strongly disagree! Our kids need much more 1-on-1 academic support than schools are equipped to deliver.
That's why we developed a new category of education - Personalized Micro-learning. It's a platform for 1-click access to your own personal academic coach and an army of live experts who jump in to teach and hand-hold whenever you need them. At a fraction of the cost of a traditional tutor."
Let's connect →
why kapeesh?

Six reasons why you should learn with Kapeesh

We believe that education is life’s great equalizer and we're on a mission to make the best math and science training inclusive and accessible to every student.
Personalized learning
Fully immersive learning experience designed based on YOUR unique learning style.
24/7 help on demand
1-on-1 access to tutors and coaches to standing by 24/7 help you get unstuck fast.
A fraction of the cost
No need to watch the clock. We provide unlimited help for a small monthly subscription.
Explanations that turn on lightbulbs
No complicated theories or convoluted proofs. Just straight-forward shortcuts to a-ha! moments.
No limits on our obsessive support
All the tools to shortcut your learning curve, save tons of study time, and earn higher grades.
A tutor in your pocket
Finally, the kind of chatting and posting parents and teachers will approve of 😜