Unlimited live help for math & science

Instantly connect with a team of human experts standing by to help make math and science a total breeze. All the help you need, any time you want.
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On average, our users see a 20% improvement in test scores after just 2 months on the platform

"I'm just not a math and science kid"

We hear this all the time. Students are confused and afraid of math and science. They usually have two choices when looking for help - bumble around on YouTube or Khan for free, or pay $$$$$ to a private tutor.
We get it - school’s hard. But we also know that ANYONE can learn this stuff. IF they get the right help at the right time. And have a plan that doesn’t include crossing your fingers, praying, or telling yourself that you need to "just work harder”.
So we built Kapeesh - a platform that gets you access to a live expert at the click of a button, day or night. In short chat sessions for relevant, bite-sized help that's actually helpful. All at a fraction of the cost of private tutors.
This is the way it should be. So we built exactly that.
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24/7 access to live tutors to help you when you need it the most.

Just text us a pic of the problem, and a live tutor will hop on chat to explain the concept and check for errors. No apps, no downloads, no scheduling hassles.
"I’m so happy! This service has helped me go from 56% to 83% in Math!! Couldn’t ask for a better tutor."
Hala M.
high school senior

Your own personal coach to keep you on track

We pair you with one of the best coaches on the planet, who monitors your progress on homework and test prep, checks in with you daily, and keeps you accountable.
"Every student should get a Kapeesh coach! It’s like a personal trainer for all my school stuff."
Matthew K.
high school freshman

A weekly custom study plan based on your schedule and goals

You tell us what you want to learn. Every week, we’ll send you a checklist of the right videos, articles, lessons, “recipes”, and practice sets to complete.
"Kapeesh is like Crossfit for my brain! I used to be scared of math and physics. Now I love my classes. You helped me go from 56% to 83% in math!! Wish I had found you sooner."
Connor H.,  
high school senior

No-fluff live courses taught by top instructors

Unlimited access to full-length courses designed based on how you actually learn and retain complex concepts.
Pick from multiple sessions per week (or show up to all of them).
"I’ve recommended Kapeesh courses to all my friends (even my teachers)! I never thought I’d understand these concepts, but I do now. So simple!"
Alex J.
high school sophomore

Daily live office hours

Every day, we set aside time to hang out with students to answer questions. Bring us whatever concepts or homework problems you’re stuck on. We’ll walk you through the exact steps to setup and solve them.
“There’s no substitute for live help. Photomath and Brainly and Khan Academy don’t even come close to how much direct help Kapeesh has given me."
Shannon Y.
college freshman

A community of hundreds of experts waiting to help

Get detailed explanations, plus access to a library of problem-solving “recipes”, flowcharts and videos for a clear set of rules and processes to solve any problem. No fluff. No random guessing.
" Things really clicked for me when I figured out pattern recognition. It was like unlocking a superpower that lets me magically know exactly how to solve tough problems the second I look at them."
Christina W., 
first year undergrad

6 reasons to get access to Kapeesh right now

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"Ever since we signed up for Kapeesh, my daughter's grades have skyrocketed. Like major improvement. She was really struggling in Math."
MaryAnn C., supermom

Personalized help on demand

1-on-1 access to tutors and coaches to standing by 24/7 help you get unstuck fast.

A fraction of the cost of private tutors

No need to watch the clock. We provide unlimited help for a small monthly subscription.

Simple explanations that turn on lightbulbs

No complicated theories or convoluted proofs. Just straight-forward shortcuts to a-ha! moments.

No limits on our obsessive support

All the tools to shortcut your learning curve, save tons of study time, and earn higher grades.

Get everything for free

Our referral rewards program earns you points towards a totally free membership.

A tutor in your pocket

Finally, the kind of chatting and posting parents and teachers will approve of 😜

You have a goal,

we have a plan

At $50 to $100/hour, a regular tutor could run you more than $500/mo for a few hours of help. That's expensive! 🤯 Kapeesh is the first and only affordable solution for unlimited, on-demand, live access to courses, tutors and coaches



Take the guesswork out of exams, learn processes to tackle any question head on

Access 20+ live courses
SAT, ACT & AP prep
Daily live office hours
Community of experts
"Recipes" and flowcharts
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Instant access to live tutors for personalized help for test prep and homework

Unlimited tutor sessions
Personalized learning
No scheduling hassles
Interactive whiteboard
Any math / science topic
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Want it all?

For students who want to rock their GPA & SAT, and have top colleges sit up and take notice

Access to all courses
Unlimited tutor sessions
Personal academic coach
Unlimited office hours
College app help
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Dedicated accountability coach
Personalized learning
Schedule flexibility
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