“I’m just not a math and science kid”

You tell yourself that all the time, right? Or you hear your friends saying it at school. You’re confused and afraid of math and science. We get it. School’s hard.
“I go to all my classes, turn in all my homework, study my butt off for every quiz and test, but a B- is the best I seem to be able to pull off. Why is that?”
“Everyone looks at me to work miracles. My parents, my teachers, my friends. Whether it’s academics or sports or music or debate club, everyone’s looking at me for results. I feel so overwhelmed.”
“Am I the only one who doesn’t get math? It feels impossible for me. And I can tell you it’s definitely NOT for lack of trying or a lack of motivation. So what gives?!?”

School was supposed to be fun

Somewhere along the way, it got weird. Life got crazy complex, academics got a lot harder, and the competition got ridiculously fierce. You started worrying when your grades would slip, and started staying up late to finish the never-ending piles of homework. You started waking up on test days stressed out that a handful of B's on the report card would kill your chances at the dream college.
That’s not good.
Most of this angst is caused by math and science classes, right? Don’t worry - it’s not just you. Everyone's having a hard time with tough STEM courses.
You’re dealing with a firehose of information. You think you get it in class but on test day, it’s like “Ugh. What is this Greek? I’ve never seen this stuff before! I don’t even know where to start!”
Hey, if you could figure things out just by reading the textbook and paying attention in class, it would be a breeze. But it’s not.
And it doesn’t help that the teacher always skips over the most important fundamentals. 😡
“There is a crazy amount of pressure on me to be “competitive”, whatever that means… It feels like colleges only want kids who have perfect grades, score a buzillion on the SAT, get a gold medal at the Olympics, win the national science fair, and start a non-profit to cure childhood obesity in homeless cats in Africa. What do I do?!”

Tech was supposed to help

How many times have you done this? Get stuck on a homework problem, then click around endlessly on YouTube or Khan? Every time, you get back 100s of generic videos that they made for super math and science geeks because the explanations feels like they’re assuming you already know stuff.
You don’t need “general knowledge” on this problem. YOU ALREADY HAVE THAT IN YOUR TEXTBOOK!!! AARRGGHH! You need someone to help you on this SPECIFIC problem. But there’s nobody around to help you get unstuck.
Your other option is to pay through the nose for a tutor. IF you can find one exactly at the time you get stuck on homework or test prep.
You've got no time or patience for these hassles. You hate long-form video lectures. And you don’t want to schedule stuff in advance, because you need help NOW. And there’s no way you can pay 50 bucks to a tutor to get help on a couple of problems.
What a mess!

What if…

What if every time you showed up for a test and scanned through the questions, you started grinning from ear to ear because you knew EXACTLY what to do to crush it without even breaking a sweat?
What if you could knock homework off your to-do list in a fraction of the time you spend slogging through it now, and had all the time in the world to enjoy weekends, get enough sleep, and chill with friends?
What if you figured out a system for learning math and science where you just “got it” instead of constantly worrying you’re the only one who is confused?
What if you brought home report cards that make your parents sit up and take notice?
What if you actually became a math and science kid?
How would that rock your world?

Good news - it’s totally doable

But you need a plan. One that doesn’t include crossing your fingers, praying, or telling yourself that you need to "just work harder”.
Here's how we think about the perfect study tool:
We think you should be able to get live help any time you get stuck.
We think learning in bite-sized chunks works a lot better than sitting through long videos.
We think you should have a dedicated personal coach always on your side to keep your academics on track.
And we don’t think you should have to pay an arm and leg for it.
This is the way it should be. So we built exactly that.
Check it out