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At $50 to $100/hour, a regular tutor could run you $500/mo for a few hours of help. That's expensive! 🤯 Kapeesh is the first and only affordable solution for unlimited, on-demand, live access to tutors and coaches

Courses & Community


Live online courses
Live office hours
Recipes and flowcharts
Video library
Community of experts

Dedicated Coach + Live Tutors


Accountability coach
Custom study plans
Homework tracking
On-demand, unlimited access to live tutors on chat
Personalized, instant help
Daily check-ins
No scheduling hassles
Includes Courses & Community

The Everything Bundle


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What you get:

Your Personal Coach

creates custom study plans to keep your learning on track
tracks your homework, sends you resources to study, and drills you with practice sets
charts your progress and checks in on you daily

Your Tutor Squad

On-demand tutors on chat. No apps, no software downloads. Nothing to schedule
Just text us a pic of the problem you're stuck on, get step-by-step live help to solve it
No limits. Get as much help as you need, any time you want


thousands of expert tutors and students ready to help
live office hours and courses for review of topics covered in school
recipes and flowcharts to tackle any math or science question

How we compare:

Online videos
Private tutors
Access to live tutors on demand
Dedicated accountability coach
Personalized learning
Schedule flexibility
Customized study plan

How does live chat with tutors work?

We believe that what you need to understand complex topics in math and science is a real live person to show you how to do the problems. Not figure out proofs. Not derive equations. But actually solve homework and test questions and explain the process step-by-step. That what we built.
An always-on chat-based homework help service with a team of human experts standing by to provide help for math and science questions. Just send us a pic of the homework question you're stuck on. One of our tutors will hop right on chat to help out.

Aren't you just giving the answers?

Heck no! We don’t just provide the answer. That would be cheating, and would totally defeat the purpose of learning. We provide detailed explanations of the concept behind the homework question, and will help walk you through the logic to arrive at the right answer. If we just gave you the answer, we’d be doing you a huge disservice, and your parents would be mad at us. 😔

Can’t I just use YouTube or Khan instead?

Sure, they’re great resources. We use them too. But if you’re looking for help on a particular problem or concept, do you really want to go down that rabbit hole? When you get stuck, you don’t want to watch long videos about high level concepts. You want somebody to hand-hold you through the exact problem you’re struggling with, right? That’s what we do.

Why do I need an accountability coach?

Some people work well without someone standing over them. Some of us, though, need a kick in the pants. If any of the following scenarios is familiar to you and has you nodding and saying "Yup, that's me", maybe you want to consider it.
  • You're a chronic procrastinator, but you work well when there's an impending deadline. Pulling all-nighters before an exam or an important deadline is something you regularly do.
  • You've noticed that you are more productive when you have someone to report to, like a parent, teacher or an older sibling.
  • You struggle with figuring out what to study, and in what order, to understand complex topics. If somebody would just give you a list of precisely what to do, you can execute like a boss.
  • You go on Google or YouTube looking for answers, but end up deep-diving into rabbit holes. When you emerge an hour later, you realize you’re nowhere close to getting homework done, and still don’t haven’t a clue how to solve that problem you got stuck on. Squirrel!
If you’re looking to get organized, seriously accelerate your performance in school, and save a ton of time, we can help. But if you're not committed to that, you'll probably just find your Coach's follow-ups and questions annoying. Our job is to give you all the best resources and create a rock-solid study plan for you. And we’ll nag you to make sure you get it done. If that's not what you want from us, you won't like this.

Why is this not free?

The reason Kapeesh works is because we have living, breathing humans who make sure they explain problems in a way that turns on lightbulbs for you, who make sure your work is really done, who chase you down and keep you on track. Also, they’re around 24/7 in case you really, really need to understand circular motion or derivatives in the middle of the night.  😀
If we didn't charge money we couldn't sustain this in the long run. One day, you would wake up to find us gone, and you'd have lost the only tool that ever helped you get your schoolwork done, and you'd be very sad.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Sure thing. Reach out to us at Our awesome customer service folks will take care of any account changes for you.