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All-you-can-learn pricing

We don't charge by the hour, so you don't have to watch the clock. Kapeesh is the first and only affordable solution for unlimited, on-demand, live access to tutors, courses, and coaches. Try everything risk free for 7 days. Don't love it? Just cancel before your trial ends and you pay nothing.

Live Tutoring

3-person learning pod for customized coaching and test prep based on your school curriculum
 $20  $10 /day
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$300 / month
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Unlimited access to everything
Small-group live tutoring sessions
Dedicated personal coach/mentor
Custom weekly study plans
Unlimited text-based homework help
Unlimited courses and office hours
Problem-solving tools and "recipes"
Free access to private community

Personal Coach

A dedicated mentor to craft study plans, keep you accountable, and help you excel in math and science
 $5  $3 /day
Save today
$100 / month
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Your own accountability Coach
Custom weekly study plans
Unlimited text-based homework help
Unlimited courses and office hours
Problem-solving tools and "recipes"
Free access to private community

On-demand Help

Instant access to live tutors on text for personalized help to get you unstuck on homework problems
 $3  $2 /day
Save today
$60 / month
Schedule enrollment call
Instant access to live tutors on text
Problem-solving tools and "recipes"
Free access to private community

For educators

Personal, convenient, and affordable access to on-demand help outside of the classroom is key to making education equitable.
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How Kapeesh stacks up against other remote learning options

Passively watching online course videos just doesn't cut it. We created a better process to teach math and science so it sticks.
Online videos
Private tutors
Access to live tutors on demand
Dedicated accountability coach
Personalized learning
Schedule flexibility
Customized study plan
students love us

What students and parents have to say and why they ❤️ us

Gabriel F.
High school junior
Went from B- to A in my Calculus class!
Hanna C.
High school senior
It's like Crossfit for my brain!
Anish P.
High school freshman
You definitely need this in your life!
Chelsea W.
The new confidence is priceless!
High school junior
Learned more here than in school!
Matthew Kleyman
High school senior
"Sounds like I’m exaggerating, but believe me when I say you gotta get yourself a coach for your tough classes. My coach’s approach got me super productive and confident in Calculus. I don’t care if you’re completely lost in math or you’re an A student, you need this in your life! "
Samantha Karlsson
8th grader
"Much easier than I thought. Conversions are hard for me, but I’m so much better now. Photomath is pretty useless for these problems. I had it, but deleted it cause it didn’t work. I’m going to recommend it to my physics teacher to share with his other classes because Kapeesh has really helped me! "
Riya Grey
High school junior
"I was so lost when my school shut down. I had nobody to turn to when I got stuck. Kapeesh saved my sophomore year! "
Amandine Humphreys
Mom of two high schoolers
"One of the best decisions I ever made! There's no way I could ever afford a regular tutor for my kids. Kapeesh is so much cheaper! I don't think they're charging enough for all they do."
MaryAnn C.
"Ever since we signed up for Kapeesh, my daughter's grades have skyrocketed. Like major improvement. She was really struggling in Math."
Connor H.
High school senior
"OMG! Our teacher never explained it like this. The way you explained it totally makes sense. Kapeesh is like Crossfit for my brain! I love my tutoring sessions. Wish I had found you sooner."
Holly Hutchinson
High school freshman
"I’ve never had a coach or tutor before, so was a little skeptical at first about how it would work and if it would even help me. It’s been the coolest experience so far. My coach is awesome. Feels like I have a personal trainer for all my school stuff. I reach for my kapeesh peeps right away every time I get stuck on a concept."
Quinn Rezaizadeh
High school junior
There’s no substitute for live help. Photomath and Brainly and Khan Academy don’t even come close to how much direct help Kapeesh has given me."
Shannon Akasuna
High school sophomore
"This is crazy! I just hit a button and get a tutor on the other end. It’s like my personal Bat Signal. I've done over 100 sessions so far, and it comes in clutch every single time. Oh, and the courses are great too. You get a separate whiteboard thing to work out problems with 1-on-1 help even in a group course. I’m obsessed with kapeesh!"
Gerard Lee
College sophomore
"After just 30 days with Kapeesh, everything has changed. Finally I feel like I have the tools, the process, and the confidence to take on tough problems. Getting a coach is one of the best decisions I ever made."
Rohan A
High school junior
"I used to be so, so scared of math and physics. Coach came in clutch. Still can't believe I went from 68% to 83% in math!! "
Christina W.
First year undergrad
"Things really clicked for me when I figured out pattern recognition. It was like unlocking a superpower that lets me magically know exactly how to solve tough problems the second I look at them."

Got a question about our programs?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple of questions. We encourage you to ask questions directly by arranging a quick call with us anytime. Jump on a quick zoom.

Learning pods

What is an online learning pod?
What subjects do you help with?
Who else will be in my pod?
What else do I get as a member?

On-demand help

I bet this is just a chatbot....right?
How does live chat with tutors work?
Aren't you just giving the answers?
Is it really unlimited?


Who is Kapeesh for?
Can’t I just use YouTube or Khan?
How about getting a tutor instead?
What subjects do you cover?


How does the coach service work?
Why do I need an accountability coach?
Who are your coaches?
What are custom study plans?


How long will I have access to courses?
What if I miss a live session?
How does Office Hours work?
What if I miss an office hours session?


How much does this service cost?
Can I just pay by the question instead?
What if I buy it but hate it?
Do I get a discount if I refer my friends?
why kapeesh?

Six reasons why you should learn with Kapeesh

We believe that education is life’s great equalizer and we're on a mission to make the best math and science training inclusive and accessible to every student.
Personalized learning
Fully immersive learning experience designed based on YOUR unique learning style.
24/7 help on demand
1-on-1 access to tutors and coaches to standing by 24/7 help you get unstuck fast.
A fraction of the cost
No need to watch the clock. We provide unlimited help for a small monthly subscription.
Explanations that turn on lightbulbs
No complicated theories or convoluted proofs. Just straight-forward shortcuts to a-ha! moments.
No limits on our obsessive support
All the tools to shortcut your learning curve, save tons of study time, and earn higher grades.
A tutor in your pocket
Finally, the kind of chatting and posting parents and teachers will approve of 😜