Our approach to education

Students everywhere are scared of math and science, and stressed out about grades. We want to fix that. Our philosophy below is core to how we approach education.

The world has turned upside down.

In the last few months, educating our young people has become even more of a hair-on-fire problem. Schools and teachers are under a massive amount of pressure. Education, which was supposed to be the great equalizer, has turned into a political football. COVID-19 has exposed deep fault-lines that have been in our education system for years. Schools tried remote learning, but for the most part, the Zoom experiment failed. Students are sitting on their hands, in limbo, with no guidance. And parents who have been forced into homeschooling their kids while trying to deal with work and financial pressures are desperately looking for backup options. The system was broken before; it’s worse now.

The question is: how will you respond?

There are 2 ways to respond:
Option #1: Offense
Rise above the noise. Use this time to level up and get ahead. Double down on tough subjects. Get all the help you can get. Have the best school year ever.
Option #2: Defense
Start believing you’re a victim. Curl up and ignore the learning gaps. Make excuses to cut study time. Close your eyes. Hope things return to normal.
Which do you choose?
One of these puts you in control. Allows you to head off into the woods, muskets in hand and save your education from whatever is about to happen in the world.
The other forces you to be a passive observer. It allows the fate of your education to rest on uncontrollable forces. Glues you to the TV. Addicts you to social media. Leaves you asking for someone else to fix your problem.
Which do you choose?

We choose Offense!

Look - we don’t know whether schools can or will or should reopen. And frankly, we don’t care either way. Education is too important to leave to the bureaucrats. Whether in-person or remote, students are going to need (and deserve) a lot of help. More than schools can deliver at this time. That’s all we know, and that’s what we’re fixated on solving. We don’t promise we can get you to love math and science. But we’ll at least make it tolerable.

The Kapeesh Philosophy

Education, especially for math and science, is broken. It needs radical re-thinking. But we collectively can’t fix any of it unless we take a stand on some core values we believe in. And reject some long-held, but flawed, premises. Here are 10 ideals and principles that matter deeply to us and guide everything we do.

There are no special snowflakes

There’s no such thing as a natural-born math and science savant. Anyone, and we mean ANYONE, can learn this stuff. You know those "A" students you’re so jealous of? They're not any smarter than you. They just have a better process of breaking down problems into repeatable steps. We’ve developed frameworks and “recipes” to help you connect the dots quickly. So whether you’re a STEM ninja who eats advanced Calculus for breakfast or a normal human being who has nightmares the night before the big test, you're at the right place.

You are a special snowflake

How fast YOU learn a topic is unique. And it varies all the time. But your teachers won’t (can’t) slow down or speed up for you. They HAVE to jam through a set number of topics every week. So if stuff rushes by you in school and you’re scrambling to catch up, just reach out to your Kapeesh coach. We’ll spend however long it takes for you to master it.

1-on-1 help is key

It’s been scientifically proven that 1-on-1 tutoring leads to massive improvement in scores. In fact, getting 1-on-1 help matters more than your aptitude, income level, or zip code when it comes to student success. That’s why we built the only affordable service out there that instantly connects you with a live tutor who walks you step-by-step to the solution any time you get stuck.

We could all use a nudge

(or in some cases, a hard push)
Some people work well without someone standing over them. Most of us, though, need a kick in the pants to get our homework and test prep done. For habitual procrastinators like us, checklists and to-do apps don’t work. We need someone to make sure we follow through. Your dedicated Kapeesh Coach holds you accountable and makes sure you get stuff done. It’s a major shift in how you manage your school stress, and it’s very effective. You’ll never go back to your old ways, we promise.

You can’t schedule inspiration

You don’t just get stuck at 4pm on your Wednesday tutor session. You might need a nudge when you’re engrossed in homework at 11pm or when you crack open the book on Saturday morning. You should be able to click a button and get a tutor ANY time you need one. Now you can.

Personalized help should't cost an arm and a leg

Private tutoring has long been the domain of the 1%-ers. It’s time to change that. Your zipcode should not determine your opportunities. The thing is, most of us want 1-on-1 help for our kids, but we’re totally priced out. With our on-demand, personalized, chat-based service, we’ve flipped that entire model on its head. Our single mission in life is to make tutoring as cheap as a Netflix subscription.

Comprehension > memorization

You cram, you forget. You understand, you remember. Once you do, you can’t un-understand it. We take you “under the hood” of complex topics to turn on lightbulbs. And then we help you practice solving problems so you develop the right muscle memory for it. It’s like getting a superpower that lets you magically know exactly how to solve tough problems the second you look at them.

Micro-learning works

We believe that introducing concepts in bite-sized chunks (and then rolling up your sleeves and wrestling with related problems) is a far better way to learn complex stuff than passively sitting through long videos and lectures. In fact, we built our whole service around this concept of micro-learning. More than 2,000 of our students swear by it, and it’ll work for you.

Your time is precious

Every time you hit the web to get unstuck on math and science problems, you end up wasting a ton of time on Google, YouTube, Khan, Slader, Brainly, and 100s of other sites. Do you usually find helpful answers? Didn’t think so. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could wave a magic wand and get a human expert to give you some quick hints on the problems so you could finish your homework and move on with life? No fluff. No random guessing. That’s precisely what you get when you sign up for Kapeesh (note: wand sold separately).

Format matters

If online education companies really understood students, they would never do long-form lecture-driven courses. Look - you live on chat all day long. Messaging is how you interact with the world. Doesn’t it make sense that you learn that way too? Unlike passively watching pre-recorded videos, chat works for learning complex topics because it’s interactive. It “slows down time” and engages your brain in very different ways. Our students usually see somewhere between 20% and 40% improvement in grades after a couple of months.